Referral Services

Take your pet to a hospital that other veterinary professionals trust

Sometimes, your pet may need to be referred for investigation of complex diseases. Our vets will use their expertise and knowledge in a particular field to diagnose your pet’s condition and provide an effective course of treatment.

Here at Nutgrove Veterinary Hospital, we provide referral services in the areas of Cardiology, Imaging and Endoscopy to other veterinary practices in Ireland. If your pet needs to be referred to us, you should discuss this with your vet who will then contact our hospital directly.

Your vet will discuss your pet’s condition and medical history with a member of our team and we will then invite you to the hospital at a time that is convenient for you.

What do you need to bring?
Your normal vet will need to send us the details of your pet’s clinical history, laboratory results and X- rays etc, depending on your pet’s condition.


Ensure your pet’s heart is in tick-top condition

If you’re looking for an experienced and distinguished vet to look after your pet’s heart then visit Tom Mullany at Nutgrove Veterinary Hospital today. Tom, one of the owners of the hospital, was one of the first vets in Ireland to be awarded with the RCVS certificate in Veterinary Cardiology.

Cardiology deals with the heart and the vascular system, which pumps blood around your pet’s body. Pets are susceptible to an array of heart conditions including heart disease – a problem that your ageing pet could develop.

If you would like more information about our cardiology services, please call the hospital today on 01-2951202 and a member of our team will be able to help you.


We can look inside your pet using state-of-the-art cameras

If your vet feels that your pet needs further internal investigations for conditions such as an upset stomach, sneezing or problems with passing urine, he or she may advise that an endoscopy be performed. An endoscopy is a procedure similar to human medicine where the inside of several of your pets organs such as the lungs, stomach and urinary tract can be examined using an endoscope.

An endoscope is a long, thin, flexible or rigid tube that has a light source and a video camera attached at the end. The images of your pet’s insides are then relayed back to a television screen. Endoscopes can be inserted into your pet’s body through a natural opening, to examine the nose, mouth, throat, stomach, bowel, lungs, or bladder.

Endoscopy is a very effective method of diagnosing your pet’s condition, without the need for investigative surgery.

If your vet thinks your pet requires this type of procedure, then please get them to speak to one of our team today by calling 01-2951202. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Imaging: Radiology & Ultrasound

A simple scan or X-ray could help our experienced team diagnose your pet’s condition quickly, allowing treatment to start immediately

If you’re looking for an experienced vet to diagnose your pet’s condition then visit William Hayden at Nutgrove Veterinary Hospital today. William is one of only a handful of vets in Ireland to be awarded the RCVS certificate in Veterinary Radiology.

Here at Nutgrove we make use of Radiology and Diagnostic Ultrasound as complementary imaging methods. Radiology is used mainly for bony or air filled areas (lungs) and ultrasound for examining inside soft organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, or the bowel. William will use these techniques to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly and accurately.

To ensure your pet receives prompt and effective treatment, visit William at the Hospital today. For more information about radiology simply call the Hospital today on 01-2951202. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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